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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Reputation is everything, either it is a business or an individual. It has been maintained by going deep into the domain of SEO and beyond that. Problems regarding reputation damage have been noticed often in the market and to repair that The Marketer is the reliable name in the industry. Sometimes people come to us with the problem of wrong branding or reputation management. We push their reputation forward by repairing and converting their negative mentions to positive ones. For leading a business with professionalism, it is mandatory to maintain the reputation of your business either by yourself or by hiring the online reputation management services from the best reputation management agency. We have passionate online marketing experts who analyze, build and protect your business reputation by implementing proven tactics.


A name or a brand is primarily defined by how and what appears about it on popular search engines viz. Google, Yahoo, Bing; social media sites like Facebook, YouTube; and micro blogs like Twitter. While misleading search results can make your brand suffer, smartly-planned and well-placed positives can actually bring admirable growth to your business.

The Marketer understands how necessary it is to create a favorable image about the owner and the business to ensure the success of a venture. Our team of subject matter experts analyse the existing virtual position of a company, after evaluating it from all plausible angles. The team then devises a suitable campaign, tailoring it as per the client’s need or situation.

We resurrect a reputation going downhill by applying certain methods:

    • Suppressing the negatives that show a company or an entity in defamatory light to such an extent that, it almost stops appearing online.
    • Highlighting all the positive features of the company to appear among the top search engine results.
    • Devising strategies to develop favorable news items in the brand’s name, and revising it agreeably in the minds of people.
    • Advising on appropriate legal action, as and when deemed necessary.

It is advisable to stay abreast of all the happenings in the virtual world, and have access to professional assistance to mold it to your benefit.


Businesses today are susceptible to Opinions. Review management takes a lateral curve towards stakeholder/community management, with easy access to increasingly crucial review websites. Every review, good or bad, has the potential of reflecting on your corporations’ balance sheets. It’s true that you can’t control everything that’s said about you on the Internet, but it’s imperative to view, analyze and ensure that these don’t push your business into an august doldrums.

At The Marketer, we offer a complete package for effective opinion management and building perception. We tailor situation specific solutions to ensure favorable trade ecosystem for the client in the digital space.


At The Marketer, our endeavor is to provide perfectly synchronized and customized solutions to our clients, belonging to various sectors. We offer viable solutions for all sorts of complaints or online remarks, posted across multiple portals by disgruntled customers or unhappy clients.

It is essential to trend with caution while addressing customer complaints. A team of experienced professionals at The Marketer deftly works on providing appropriate crisis solution, while understanding the gravity of a situation, thus acting accordingly. The team buries down the negative and/or misleading feedbacks. Further, we strategically promote positive facts about the client.

A team of libel lawyers back the research and investigation conducted by the teams, thus helping to achieve legal and appropriate conflict resolution.

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